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No bullshit guide: To be or not to be an entrepreneur?

Problem solver. Need satisfier. Pain reliever.

The ultimate explorer, he not only seeks new worlds but brings dazzling riches along.

They come in different flavors too – altruistic types make their gardeners rich through stocks while flashy ones pose with bikini clad women launching a new business in a new continent every month.

The ultimate in human triumph – can analyze like Raghuram Rajan, charm like SRK, street fight like Jai-Veeru, persist like Mother India and possesses an oversized head full of all that wisdom gathered every day of that action packed life.

He is an entrepreneur.

Want some of that sexy glory for yourself too? Check out if you are cut out for it:

Should you be an entrepreneur?
Should you be an entrepreneur?

Disclaimer: Please do not hold me responsible if you read something here, use it to take a decision, get screwed and come to know that you got screwed only after 10 good years of getting screwed. And yes, cigarette smoking causes kark rog!



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