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Sex, dress and Indian culture

Indians don’t talk about sex, jeans and skirts are against Indian culture and it is mortally scared of women who do not cover up.

The most potent feminine form at ease with her feminity
Love or war – we never dressed conservatively!!!

I don’t know who started this hoax but it seems very popular, and not just with khap nut cases or card burning vigilantes. Fairly decent and otherwise reasonable people seem to agree.

Most of them are ok with women studying or working if they wear badly stitched salwar suits and not body hugging tops.

In public utterances, sex is dirty, tolerable only as a sacred duty to procreate (I am sure their fornication frequency is way more than the number of their kids though).

The problem is with this asexual avatar of Indian culture of which you’d hardly find evidence.

There is sexism in our epics. There is power politics, there is discrimination, there is the evil side of men and women and there is punishment and redemption. However, there is very little of this squeamishness about sex and the idea of keeping genitals under lock and key which we today propagate.

To start with, the nation itself is named after king Bharat who was the love child of Shakuntala and Dushyant born out of their rendezvous in one of his hunting trips in the forest.

The greatest epic of Mahabharata is written by Vyas who was born of single mother Satyavati and brought up by single dad Rishi Parasher. Yes sir. Premarital sex is not something they dreamt up in the west.

All the Pandavas were ¬†born out of wedlock. Their dad, Pandu too was born out of wedlock. Even Kauravas’ dad Dhritrashtra was born outside marriage and so was the wise Vidur.

We are named after a love child
We are named after a love child and mom & dad wore sexy clothes!!!

Khajuraho depicts sexual acts which would make the latest offerings of the American and European porn industry blush. Vatsyayan wrote Kamasutra some 2500 years back when humans everywhere else were still concerned with more mundane stuff.

Apsaras never shied away from using their sexuality for purely material ends which often times didn’t even concern them.

Our goddesses were never ashamed of their bodies – check out sculptures of Goddess Kali in her most potent and destructive form.

Vedic texts are full of sexually liberal narratives. Kaam is one of the pillars of the ancient Indian way of life. The sages and wise people had sex, had kids and many times, it was way outside the confines of conservative sexuality.

Our forefathers were comfortable with sex. They treated it maturely and my guess is, they weren’t maniacally obsessed about it. Sexual repression was never our way of life.

Oh yes, we always wore sexy clothes, be it men, women or Gods. Be it love, war or worship.





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